Ranorex Testing Tool: A Complete Overview 2022

One of the most crucial parts of the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) is testing the software to determine if there are any errors or defects that can impede the project’s success. Many of these tests are regression tests and they can be repetitive and time-consuming when done manually. This is where Ranorex automation testing can show its value.

What is Ranorex?

Ranorex Studio is a user-friendly solution that allows the user to create, run, and maintain automated tests. There are plenty of online tutorials for those who have never used this software and are looking for information on how to use it. However, Ranorex tutorials can be time-consuming, with hours of videos and there is always a learning period for any tool or application. If time is an issue, then contacting an expert organization like CelticQA that has over 15 years’ experience of delivering projects using Ranorex may be a good solution for you. 

There are three key features of Ranorex Studio:

  • Ranorex Recorder, 
  • Ranorex Spy
  • Ranorex object repository.

Ranorex Recorder

This feature of Ranorex Studio makes creating automated tests relatively straight forward. Ranorex Recorder allows the user to create, record, replay, and edit automated tests with the help of the Ranorex object repository. This feature takes a low code approach and doesn’t require any previous coding knowledge as it provides many smart actions like “Set Value,” “Close Application,” and more. This Ranorex automation tool makes running repetitive tests much easier and more efficient. 

Ranorex Spy

A key part of any automation testing tool is the software’s ability to identify UI elements. Ranorex Spy is an object recognition tool that can instantly identify, and track UI elements represented in a hierarchical structure. Objects can be identified by the xpath, automation tags, labels etc. These UI elements will then be stored in the Ranorex Repository allowing them to be reused for several test cases as needed. Reuse of components is critical to ensure robust test cases are being created. 

Ranorex Object Repository

The object repository is a centralized collection of objects and properties of the application being tests. This feature of Ranorex software allows the test engineer to create a logical mapping of UI elements, including buttons, tabs, drop-down menus, test fields, and more. This feature has a tree-like structure separated into two columns: Item and Path. The “Item” column contains the UI elements, and “Path” contains the logical mapping of each element. This feature works with Ranorex Recorder and Spy to enable the user to easily find and maintain the objects used in the test cases. 

These key features make Ranorex Studio accessible to many people and technologies. In addition, Ranorex uses C# as its core language and has all the capabilities of any .Net application. So, if code modules are required, for example connecting to a SQL database instance and validating results, then Ranorex has all the functionality of .Net. to do that.

Although Ranorex does not advertise itself as an API testing tool, CelticQA have also created API test solutions for REST and SOAP using Ranorex, which shows its versatility as an automation solution.

Pros & Cons of Ranorex Testing Tool


There are many benefits to using an automation testing tool like Ranorex, as well as a few disadvantages. The benefits range from improved overall productivity to Ranorex-specific advantages. The accessibility of Ranorex automation is one of its main benefits but using an automation tool is also time & cost-effective, reduces the risk of errors, and improves testing quality.

Using an automation tool saves time and money because many software tests are repetitive and need to be modified and applied to multiple systems. Doing manual tests can take a long time. Days, in fact. Automated testing can reduce this to just hours. This also gives users more time to focus on essential tasks increasing productivity.

Automation testing also dramatically reduces the risk of human error that comes with manual testing. Mistakes are bound to happen even to the most experienced and diligent testers. The repetitive nature of software testing is arduous for manual testers; automating these tests can increase productivity because testers aren’t getting worn down. Ranorex also creates customizable reports for all tests that can convert to easily shareable formats.

Some projects are so large and intensive that even the largest companies don’t have enough people to test the software. Automated testing improves the quality of the tests and projects by increasing the tests' number, speed, and accuracy. The advantage of Ranorex Studio is its ability to be used across multiple platforms, tests can be reused, and you don’t have to start from scratch with each new project. Test automation is essential for increasing test coverage as a product or business grows. Ranorex can be used on mobile iOS and Android devices and multiple browsers, including Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Safari, and Firefox.


There are disadvantages to any automation software, and Ranorex automation is no exception. However, these cons don’t have to be deal breakers. A few disadvantages of Ranorex are that it is not open source and doesn’t run on macOS. Depending on the test requirements, these disadvantages may not apply to you.

Ranorex is not open-source software; you must pay for a license to use it. Additionally, if you want to run multiple tests on more than one device, you will need runtime license on that device, but these are a fraction of the cost of the full studio licenses. However, Ranorex has a 30-day free trial, so if you are unsure if this is the right tool for your projects, you can try it out first.

Lastly, users would greatly benefit from an understanding of C# or Java and general OOP. Experience of using source control (GIT) and Continuous Integration (CI) tools, Jenkins/Bamboo etc. will allow the project to fully utilize the power to test automation and integrate with a DevOps development process.

CelticQA & Ranorex

CelticQA Solutions are a gold partner with Ranorex, we have many years’ experiences implementing automation solutions using Ranorex. Gold partnerships are awarded based on the number of certified Ranorex automation engineers within an organization and a history of successful Ranorex implementations. We have delivered consistent results for global Ranorex customers increasing their test coverage and reducing their test cycles from weeks to hours. 

CelticQA automation engineers have experience implementing test automation for many industries, for example in the Financial Services we have automated the integrated end to end testing of Encompass, Optimal Blue, and Salesforce. We have also automated the testing of customized applications for the Pharmaceutical, Health care, Retail and Construction sectors.

At CelticQA, our purpose is to support growing organizations scale digitally safely and confidently. Our Ranorex programs ensures Ranorex clients minimize the time to value for the tool and maximize the output for test automation. Ranorex clients and their teams can be confident their automation framework is designed using best practices and standards helping them to avoid the costly mistakes that can cause automation projects to fail.

Using our Integrated Quality Software Engineering (IQSE™) framework, we can demonstrate the return from test automation, provide detailed testing reports and help increase the internal support and motivation for further investment in test automation. 

We also support our clients QA team while they expand their knowledge and increase their confidence in using the Ranorex tool. Many highly trusted companies including IBM, Cisco, Motorola, and Dell trust Ranorex for their test automation needs.

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No.1 Paedriatic Hospital in US wanted to reduce manual testing, speed up testing cycles and improve QA methodology.

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