JULY 7 2019

Slow down to go fast

This is what my music teacher kept telling me, usually while I’m embarrassing myself trying to show off with some fill or walking bassline I’ve just come up with! Technique with an instrument isn’t just one thing. If I want to play fast and well then, I need to slow down and practice the basics – Scales, Chord Tones, Muting, Etc. Even the way I hold the Instrument has an effect. […]

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software quality assurance

MAY 24 2019

The humble test case…

QA of software has rapidly become a complex industry with: Automation tools, Devops, CI/CD, test strategies and test plans, agile methodologies, source control and performance tools. Yet, at the heart of it all is a basic skill that gets overlooked, the art of designing test cases. As we focus on the various approaches, tools […]

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software QA testing

MAY 17 2019

Excellence in the Basics

Aligning trained people with effective processes will allow your QA teams to deliver superior performance. Developing Software is a creative enterprise that requires constant human interaction and reviews to achieve success. Investing in getting the BASICS right ensures the QA function is built on terra firma.  Often, the BASICS are enough to save the day. […]

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CelticQA Q Benefits

MARCH 21 2019

“Its the real thing”! QA delivers growth

In September 2013, I dropped my 3 boys off to their first day at school. It was a highly anticipated moment. 8 weeks later I began my role with CelticQA solutions. I was originally hired for my HR knowledge but as a start-up company there was much to be done and few hands to do it. […]

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MARCH 12 2019

4 things I learned on the way to CTO

1. You know more than you think you do. “I don’t know how to do that’” How often have you had that thought?  For me, it was usually just before I had to do it. It pushed me to learn. Each new task asked something more of me. Mobile telecoms, banking, insurance, e-commerce, test management […]

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Automation Blog

MARCH 9 2019

Should I automate now?

Everyone wants to automate their testing, right? But it’s not a small task to take on. Automation can be seen as a solution to many problems (we need to speed up our delivery time, manual testing is a bottleneck, etc etc) but it also can create more problems for you if you don’t spend the time […]

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Quality V Costs

June 10 2018

7 Signs that you need to invest in your QA and Testing

1. DEFECTS IN PRODUCTION Finding critical defects, post-deployment in a live environment, indicates that the testing carried out hasn’t tested the project requirements correctly.  This results in your Operations (Ops) team spending a large portion of their time and budget resolving or working around the defects. Applying hotfixes to a live environment […]

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MARCH 20 2018

Local Enterprise Awards – Winner of Best Established Business

CelticQA was recently nominated and delighted to have won the ‘Best Established Business’ Award at the recent Enterprise Awards in Dundalk, Co. Louth held in An Táin Theatre and hosted by the Louth Local Enterprise office. The company was represented by Nicole Carey (Managing Director). Speaking afterward Nicole said “It’s a great honor to […]

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CelticQA Continuous Delivery

FEBRUARY 28 2018

3 Barriers to Continous Delivery

What is Continuous Delivery?Continuous Delivery is a software engineering approach in which teams produce software in short cycles. This ensures that this software can be reliably released at any time. Sounds pretty great, right? New features can be added quickly and there is always a usable release ready to go. So why are only […]

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