Ranorex Gold Partner


We are the exclusive Ranorex Gold Partner in the US. The Ranorex automated testing tools provide seamless testing of a wide range of desktop, web and mobile applications. As every robust test automation project requires reliable user interface object recognition, Ranorex focuses on providing the best possible recognition for all types of desktop, web and mobile software applications.



ZAPTEST is a New Generation software test automation solution for testing applications Cross-Platform. ZAPTEST allows testing of any GUI based software on any modern OS, mobile or conventional including iOS; Android; WinMo; Blackberry; Windows; Mac; and Linux, and supports testing of Agile and CI (DevOps) development.



Neotys has over 12 years of development investment into NeoLoad – the performance testing platform designed to accelerate Agile and DevOps processes. NeoLoad is the only load testing platform covering you for both Cloud-ready apps, microservices architected apps, mobile and IoT apps and enterprise-grade packaged apps.