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The goal of test automation is to continuously validate your company’s software,
without requiring armies of resources and time.

Simplify Testing & Improve Coverage With Software Test Automation Services

Successful test automation can provide your company with many benefits that can help you provide a better service to customers and ensure a high level of Quality Assurance that will keep your business competitive and innovative.

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Benefits of QA Test Automation for Your Software

Software requirements are changing at a rapidly increasing frequency. Customers, business units, and end users are requesting new functional changes and enhancements from your IT teams.

CelticQA is an automation testing company that can help you: 

The CelticQA Advantage

Why Choose CelticQA As Your Automation Testing Company?

17+ years in software testing services

Serving clients with different QA needs in the US, Irish, and UK markets.

Expertise in 15+ industries

Including financial services, insurance, pharmaceutical, healthcare, logistics, manufacturing and technology.

Proprietary Frameworks & Methodologies

Tried and trusted processes that suit our client's specific requirements.

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Access to an expert QA team when you need it. Our response is extremely fast.

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We identify the right tools for you and optimize tool utilization. We are certified partners of Ranorex.

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Common Test Automation Solutions

Regression Test Automation

Automation testing may sound simple, however simple is not to be confused with easy. It takes knowledge and experience to build the right framework. The right framework allows for rapid implementation and easy maintenance to deliver automated scripts that deliver a meaningful result for all stakeholders.

It’s imperative your regression test automation framework provides adequate test coverage of your critical end-to-end business functionality. Selecting high risk test scenarios in collaboration with the business is also an important ingredient to implementing successful regression test automation frameworks. 

Here are some of the benefits of implementing the right level of regression test automation:

  • Increased test coverage.
  • Significant time and cost savings on manual testing.
  • QA and Business staff time freed up for exploratory testing and other strategic activities.
  • Defects found much earlier, resulting in significant development cost savings, improved reputation and less inconvenience to users and customers.

Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment

Continuous Integration (CI) is a software development practice where members of a team integrate their work frequently, leading to multiple integrations per day.

Continuous Deployment (CD) is a software methodology that allows quality code to be produced rapidly with the goal of shipping new features, updates, and patches to customers more regularly, Continuous Deployment takes things further. Each change that passes manual and automation tests is deployed to production automatically. Embracing development, version control, continuous integration, testing and automated deployments. Continuous Deployment is a logical end goal for Continuous Delivery.

Incorporating CI into your development and testing processes requires the following basic steps:

  • Defining an Automation Strategy
  • Determine Automation Tool
  • Defining Test Cases
  • Build Automated Testing Framework
  • Smoke Test Each Build

The great thing about a CI/CD system is that any tests that have been automated can be executed on demand. Depending on the scope of the changes being deployed you can determine what levels of testing need to be executed. Testing should cover critical GUI, database, and API validations.

Benefits of CI/CD includes:

Higher efficiency & Increased productivity

Reduced risk of defects

Faster product delivery

Log generation

Easier rollback of code changes

Efficient testing & Cost-Effectiveness

Unit Test Automation

Having the right communications and collaboration in place between your development teams who are implementing unit test automation, and your QA function who are implementing regression test automation, will help your company maximize its resources and automation test coverage. Having both disciplines working in tandem will lay a solid foundation for a successful continuous integration/continuous deployment process.

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Why Partner With a QA Automation Company?

When you want to implement test automation or increase your automated test coverage, you will want a QA automation partner that can provide both tactical and strategic automation services. CelticQA Solutions is a leading software QA services company specializing in test automation services and improving company-wide test automation processes with 17 years of dedication and experience.

But why should you partner with a QA automation company to handle internal test automation? Software is tricky and fickle, often owing mistakes to a single line of code or a misrepresented variable that has ramifications on the whole system. As you create, adapt, and improve your software, especially in consistent turnover and growth periods, those tricky variables and processes can become cluttered, messy, and challenging to navigate. Your team may not have the capacity or capability to implement test automation successfully in the dedication time frame.

CelticQA Solutions removes these difficulties by providing quality test automation services that minimizes the time to value and maximizes the value of test automation to the business. Our experienced Automation Engineers deliver value by leading, managing, and executing your test automation initiatives. We have provided services in the United States, Ireland, and the United Kingdom for 17+ years and have partnered with dozens of successful companies to improve their software test automation and overall QA practices.

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