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Benefits of Automated Testing

There are situations in which manual testing is most appropriate for a particular testing scenario.  In other circumstances, there are significant advantages to implementing automated testing.  Benefits of automated testing include the following:

  • Increased testing efficiency from the automation of time-consuming, repetitive tasks
  • Reusability of automated tests, making automation particularly applicable to regression testing
  • Consistency of testing and test outcomes – a suite of automated tests can be run any number of times, in exactly the same way, reducing human error
  • Increased test coverage – testers can create a suite of automated tests covering a vast array of software features
  • Improved tester motivation by allowing software testers to focus on more exploratory and complex testing.

One of the tools used by CelticQA for automated testing is Ranorex.

Advantages of Using Ranorex for Automated Testing

Ranorex is an automated testing tool for testing software applications on desktop, website and mobile devices. Ranorex is trusted by thousands of companies worldwide, including global corporations such as Siemens, Symantec, IBM, Cisco, Sage, Motorola, Dell, and Ericsson. CelticQA have a partnership agreement with Ranorex and are successfully utilizing Ranorex on our client projects.

The advantages of using Ranorex include:

Cross Browser Testing
Website tests recorded on Ranorex can run on all major browsers, including Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Firefox, and Safari.

No Programming Skills Required
Although, code modules can be created with Ranorex, no programming skills are required to learn the Ranorex tool and start using it successfully.  A QA Consultant can use Ranorex to design, create, run and maintain automated tests, without writing a line of code. This has the advantage of enabling skilled and experienced software testers, without a programming background, to start automating their tests.

Reuse of Recording and Code Modules
Code and recorded modules created with Ranorex can be reused in a number of different test cases and test scenarios.  This significantly improves the efficiency and maintainability of your automated testing project.

Ranorex generates customizable reports for all test runs.  The ability to convert these reports to email, PDF or HTML format allows sharing test reports with QA, development and management teams.

Cross Platform Testing
Ranorex can be used to test website, mobile and desktop applications.  This makes it an excellent automated tool of choice, for the increasing number of website and software applications, that require testing on a diverse range of devices and platforms.

Data Driven Testing
Ranorex can connect to simple data tables, CSV files, SQL databases and spreadsheets as sources for data-driven testing.  This allows the same tests to be run, for different data sets and variable values.

User Interface Repository
The provision of a User Interface (UI) Repository, enables Ranorex to separate the location of UI elements, from test action steps. Thus, the user can access and re-use an existing repository item, without the need to record or write another test.

The Ranorex features and advantages listed above, are utilized by CelticQA’s experienced QA Consultants, to deliver value and QA excellence on our client projects.  Client feedback, on our automated testing services, is extremely positive and we look forward to designing and implementing new automated testing solutions, for existing and future clients. For further information about our Ranorex Kick starter program, please contact us at info@celticqa.com

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