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Medical technology plays a critical role in Healthcare systems globally. It supports health care professionals in their daily activities, improves the patient experience and protects the privacy of patients.  

There is significant growth forecasted for technology in the healthcare industry from mobile applications to Electronic Health record systems (EHR’s). With this vast growth comes the need to develop the capability and capacity to deliver digital plans for large expensive investments. 

Developing a Quality Management program for these investments ensures end users expectations and regulatory requirements are met along with improving organizational  effectiveness and efficiency on a continuous basis. When implementing a quality management program through QA frameworks and testing services it is crucial to adhere to industry regulations like the Health Insurance Portability & Accountability Act (HIPAA) and Protected Health Information (PHI).

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Importance of QA Testing for Healthcare Software

We cannot stress the importance of QA testing for healthcare enough. From complying with industry regulations to securing safe storage and patient data transfers between systems, QA testing verifies these aspects are being complied with and identifies any weaknesses in an application or system that may affect user experience to vulnerabilities to outside cyber security threats.

The most crucial of these testing results are protecting sensitive patient data. The collaboration of healthcare professionals and QA teams in developing more than adequate planning and testing strategies leads to applications that patients, doctors, and various hospital departments want to and feel safe using.

Implementing QA solutions and software testing services improves healthcare applications’ functionality, usability, and performance. These improvements promote accessible user experiences across a large user base, enhancing the connection and interactions between hospitals and patients. It is vital to perform end-to-end software tests in settings that are as close to real-life scenarios.

Key Testing Areas

Testing key features are essential since healthcare software aims to provide patients and staff with flawless convenient methods for performing various tasks. A few elements are the most significant to test, but companies must address a long list of areas. The most critical areas to focus on in testing are data management, data exchange, healthcare systems interoperability, and compliance with industry regulations. Other features of healthcare applications that are also important to test include but are not limited to the following:

  • Claim & Finance Systems
  • Cloud Capabilities
  • Electronic Medical Records
  • Hospital Information Systems
  • Lab Information Systems
  • Physician, Provider, & Patient Portals
  • Physician Management Systems
Our Services

CelticQA Healthcare Testing Solutions

Our healthcare software testing services focus on key areas such as ensuring compliance with regulations, extensive documentation for necessary approvals, and continuous testing services that include but are not limited to the following:

API Testing
Evaluate different aspects of application programming interfaces (APIs)
Compliance Testing
Ensure regulatory compliance of your application
Salesforce Testing
Maximize business results through Salesforce QA Testing

Healthcare Software Testing Challenges & Solutions

As with any software development process, testers are faced with testing challenges. Some challenges are specific to the healthcare industry:


There are three main challenges with medical software testing due to the complex layering of healthcare software development:

  • Challenge #1: Creating strategies that meet the expectations of multiple users
  • Challenge #2: Adhering to industry regulations & security measures
  • Challenge #3: Ensuring smooth interoperability between applications and systems.

Each of these obstacles is complex because of the sensitive data and medical needs of patients whose lives are at stake. QA of healthcare software requires well-thought-out solutions through collaboration with various departments.


The QA solutions for these challenges are centered around the relevant healthcare application testing that aligns with each challenge:

  • Solution #1: Corresponding testing methods ensure an enhanced user experience with tests like usability testing. Testing to improve user experience identifies & offers solutions for software defects, assesses the ability of users to navigate an application easily, and determines if it is in line with customer expectations.
  • Solution #2:  A wide range of testing methods certifies software meets requirements. Compliance with HIPAA data security and privacy regulations is the most significant. The possible testing strategies for compliance include authentication & user authorization, access control, data transfer encryption, structured testing approaches, and failover/loading balancing.
  • Solution #3: Lastly, the interoperability or data transfers between applications and systems involve testing methods that ensure smooth transfers that meet industry standards set by entities such as Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR), Health Level Seven (HL7), and Digital Imaging & Communications In Medicine (DICOM). The best testing strategies include integration testing, end-to-end testing, validation testing, API integrations, authentication & user authorization, etc.

Why Choose CelticQA?

Our goal is to create a Software Quality Excellence culture built on solid Quality Management principles resulting in a competitive advantage for our partners. Our proprietary QM framework, tried and tested processes and modern technology tools implemented by our experienced QA Engineers delivers impactful results in a condensed time frame. Boston Children’s Hospital is the number one pediatric hospital in the United States, caring for more than 650,000 patients. BCH wanted to reduce its need for manual testing, speed up testing cycles, and improve its QA methodology.

Their existing framework presented us with challenges such as inefficient collaboration, limited test coverage, and inconsistent QA project management. Through our services, BCH significantly improved in each area with the following results:

  • Successful implementation of automation frameworks for 22 applications
  • Manual testing efforts were reduced by 90%
  • Automated regression testing, reducing testing cycles from days to hours
  • Measure quality better through consistent report tracking and and KPI’s
  • Frameworks that identify application defects earlier
  • Established consistent QA practices increasing productivity & efficiency

At Celtic QA, we are passionate about software testing and QA frameworks. Check out these pages to learn more about our services or examine case studies. Let us help you deliver healthy healthcare software and applications by leading and providing you with a Quality Management program for your software investments that meet customer and regulatory requirements and improve organization effectiveness and efficiency on a continuous basis. so you can better serve your patients.

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No.1 Paedriatic Hospital in US wanted to reduce manual testing, speed up testing cycles and improve QA methodology.

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