OUR Integrated Quality solution allows You to deliver your projects on time, in budget and with zero critical defects


Our quality engineers have over 125 years combined experience of validating and verifying software systems from a plethora of Industries. They have experienced the good, the bad and the ugly.

We have taken all our experience and knowledge and developed our Integrated Quality Solutions (IQS™) framework for software systems that allows us to achieve Total Quality Management. Our IQS™ framework ensures that quality is built into the project during the development process.

This approach ensures that you optimize the return from the project, mitigate risks for the business and adopt a culture of continuous improvement. We partner with clients to enable them to seamlessly deliver quality software systems, profitably and in a timely manner.

CelticQA IQS Model


Aligning qa to business goals 

CelticQA Q Benefits

6 Key benefits of Integrated Quality solutions:

Successful Business Outcomes

Bridging the gap between business units and IT allows more effective communication and engagement levels.

Risk Mitigation

KPI’s from the IQS framework help mitigate against over-optimistic dates from development teams and contractors.

Reduced Costs

Effective planning and test design focus on high-value activities enabling the project to identify critical issues early in the process. 

Verification and Validation

An Independent Verification and Validation partner, who is not directly involved in design and development, will identify potential issues, detect defects earlier and provide an audit-proof process. 

Customer Satisfaction

Improved QA operations will enable finding all critical defects early in the SDLC which will ultimately improve the quality of software released to your customer or end user. 


Quality is the responsibility of everyone in the organization.

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