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CelticQA’s Mobile app testing focuses on functional, usability, visual appeal, and compatibility testing. Let us help you ensure the highest quality of your mobile applications with our proven mobile testing frameworks.

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End-to-end mobile testing services can assure that your app works well on all platforms, and that it meets the high expectations of your customers.

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Why Test Your Mobile Application?

First impressions are extremely critical for the success of any mobile app. Any unanticipated app crash or bug can result in its instant deletion, causing the loss of potential clients and income.

CelticQA can help ensure that your app:

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Why Choose CelticQA As Your Mobile App Testing Company?

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Serving clients with different QA needs in the US, Irish, and UK markets.

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Including financial services, insurance, pharmaceutical, healthcare, logistics, manufacturing and technology.

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Tried and trusted processes that suit our client's specific requirements.

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Access to an expert QA team when you need it. Our response is extremely fast.

Vast test automation toolkit

We identify the right tools for you and optimize tool utilization. We are certified partners of Ranorex.

Multi-Award winning QA testing company

We implement the most effective, efficient and profitable solutions for clients

Mobile Testing Solutions

Functional testing

Is your app functional? Mobile application testing helps identify where failings may occur in the functionality of your system before it is given into the hands of your mobile users. You must ensure your application performs its intended function whenever you perform mobile app testing services. If your application is to track the travel patterns of electric vehicles in your area (for instance), it should follow the travel patterns of electric vehicles.

Usability Testing

Usability is crucial in mobile application testing because it defines how the application feels in your user’s hands. Is your application easy to use? Is it comfortable? Easy to navigate? It may sound trivial, but different screen sizes and devices contribute to the usability of your mobile application. If your mobile application is difficult to use, people will not use it–opening the way for competitors to supersede your concept.

Visual Appeal

How does your application look? When mobile application testing is close to completion, the visual appeal of your application comes to the forefront. Users enjoy functionality and usability in applications, but if you do not have an excellent visual appeal, people will lose retention. Why would they look at something that is visually unappealing?

Compatibility Testing

Is your application consistent across multiple devices, operating systems, and platforms? If you have tested your mobile application for iOS devices, the framework may not be compatible with Android devices, even though you have accounted for the framework transfer. Visual fidelity may be compromised, the functionality may be inactive, and usability may be unintuitive and challenging for the user to navigate.

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Why Partner With a Mobile App Testing Company?

Even if you are adept at mobile application testing, it could save you the headache of optimizing your mobile application by partnering with a mobile app testing company. Having a second team come in and double-check your hard work can not only increase the success of your mobile application but can ease the all-too-important first impression launch.

But which mobile app testing company should you trust? There are many good options, but the dedicated teams at CelticQA Solutions have 17+ years of mobile application testing experience. We partner with businesses like yours to ensure a successful and competitively impactful launch of your next big release, whether for a user base or a company-wide application.

Mobile Testing Types CelticQA Performs

Cross-Platform Testing

Let's ensure that your mobile application works consistently across operating systems (iOS, Android) and other larger devices. By doing so, you can bring in the most extensive user base available while retaining the functionality regardless of technological switches by the user base.

Stress Testing

Stress is when your mobile application has an excessive user base or consistent activity for extended periods. Mobile applications with a live-service element, such as games or puzzles, require extreme stress testing to ensure the application does not crash or fail halfway through an estimated playtime.

Spike Testing

Can your mobile application handle an increase–or decrease–in active users at any time? If you advertise your mobile application at crucial moments, there is a high chance of a massive influx of users. If this happens, can your application survive? And what will it do when that user base decreases for whatever reason?

Soak Testing

Soak testing is when your mobile application is tested over an extended period to check for memory leaks and other issues that may arrive from prolonged use. Like a stress test, it verifies that your application can continue functioning for extended periods without losing its functionality or consistency.

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