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Functionality is vital in the digital world, and if your app isn’t functioning correctly, it will struggle to compete. Partner with CelticQA Solutions and make sure your software does what it needs to do. 

End-To-End Functional Testing Services

Software functional testing is crucial to ensuring your application or software is ready for release, can withstand extreme points of stress, and is accessible through whatever medium you choose to release it.

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Importance of Functional Testing for Your Software

It validates the software system against the available specifications and requirements. Functional tests are used to test software applications to ensure they meet the applicable requirements.

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Our Functional Testing Services

Smoke Testing

Smoke testing is a quick and simple test where we ensure the stability of a new build. We want to ensure that 1.1 and 1.2 work as intended and are stable as release clients. The last thing you want is your software's most recent upgrade to break key functionality of the previous release.

Sanity Testing

Sanity testing confirms that a piece of software is working as intended and that all significant systems and functionalities are working as intended. This is usually done after the smoke test to ensure the system is stable enough to handle the continued testing. If the software fails a sanity test, then that means something is not working as intended.

To enter the realm of science fiction, we are ensuring the creation understands its intended purpose and does not deviate from that intended functionality.

Regression Testing

Regression testing ensures that bug fixes, new code, or enhancements to old code will not break existing functionality. Like smoke testing, regression testing tests the software's stability and functionality while confirming that it is adaptable enough to accept new functionality and bug fixes if the need arises.

Integration Testing

Software is more than a singular line of code. It is a series of many different functionalities pressed into a distinct function, and while each process may work well on its own, there is a chance for disaster when they are brought together. At CelticQA, our functional testing services help identify possible conflicting purposes in the software.

For example, one part of your software is used to identify another piece of that software. Still, the system does not register its co-existence, leading to errors and a lack of intended functionality.

What Does Functional Testing Test?

Mainline Functions

If you are creating a mobile game, then the primary function of your software should be to play that mobile game effectively. If your software is a remote workplace login platform, then it should be able to help employees log in remotely.

It seems simple, but in software functional testing, the highest level of software failure is in functionality. It can’t be released if the software doesn’t work, hindering any potential launch plans.

This is one of the first tests functional testing services perform.

Basic Usability

Most functional testing services check the basic usability of the software. Do the pages swap comfortably? Is there any delay or loading screen issues? How user-friendly is it for the end user?

QA in functional testing is essential because if the software’s usability is complicated or unintuitive, people will be unwilling to use it. Time is a valuable resource, and people will notice and refuse to partake if there is wasted time with your software or application.


Alongside usability, accessibility is crucial to QA in functional testing. Is your software accessible? This is similar to usability testing, which tests to see if the software is comfortable. Accessibility ensures that the software is accessible to most devices, people, and platforms.

Does your software work with the greatest randomly selected group? Can people with disabilities access it? Does it have tools to be adapted for more accessibility features? These are functions you wouldn’t ordinarily think about when developing your software, thus adding another reason to partner with a company specializing in QA functional testing.

Error Conditions

Will your software display appropriate error messages when certain conditions are met? Software development is not easy, and there has to be a certain level of “give” with the software. When that “give” becomes a failure, does the system correctly display that to the user? Functional testing services ensure that error codes are properly fired when the conditions are met, which increases the functionality of your software.

If a software user comes across an error, that error should accurately represent what is wrong with the software for that specific scenario. While it may seem counterintuitive to display a problem with your software visibly, it can do wonders in troubleshooting, as particular error codes that continuously appear will have a dedicated solution to them that will not hinder overall functionality.

In short, knowing what is wrong with the application, helps you fix it faster.

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