Test Execution


Effective manual testing is vital

CelticQA’s manual testing engineers will enable you to optimize your manual testing process. Our manual testing framework includes laying the foundations for test automation in the future.

We have developed a proprietary methodology called IQS. By connecting our clients QA function, we have consistently saved our clients’ time, improved their bottom line and made QA processes more efficient.

Let CelticQA help you with your Manual testing needs.

Regression testing

Avoid unexpected consequences

We believe that change introduces risk and after every code change, regression testing should be carried out. This is true whether you are running two-week sprints or using a waterfall approach.

We understand that regression tests may be manual at first, but automation of regression testing should be the ultimate goal in today’s market. 

Let CelticQA help you reduce your manual efforts and increase the speed of testing.

We believe that change introduces risk and after every code change, regression testing should be carried out. This is true whether you are running two-week sprints or using a waterfall approach.
Integration testing

Bringing it all together

We ensure your product is built to the required specifications and best practices are followed resulting in powerful and collaborative solutions.

Integration testing can be implemented at the component and systems level and CelticQA is here to help. 

Migration testing

Making the complex simple

Business data is one of the most important assets that organizations own and manage.

Changes to IT systems as a result of upgrades or Mergers and Acquisitions result in a need to manage the movement of data on mass from one database to another.

CelticQA has a proven migration testing process that has been repeated with great success for many clients in several business verticals.

Migration testing is performed in conjunction with the Extract, Transform and Load process employed by DBAs to manage the movement of the data from one location to another.

Ensure that the data is extracted in its entirety from the correct source tables.

The transformation and mapping process is correctly assigning the data to the correct fields and tables, making the changes to the data to ensure it is mapped to match the table structure of the destination application.

Once the data is loaded to the new applications tables, a series of functional tests are required to ensure that migrated data is usable by the applications and other integrated systems.

Let CelticQA help you with your critical business data migration

Mobile testing

50% of all online traffic is now on mobile devices

It is imperative to ensure your mobile websites and native applications are thoroughly tested. Contact us today for more details.

Performance testing

Can your system handle it?

A well-structured series of performance tests will identify areas of concern when your IT infrastructure, load balancers, web servers, application server, and database are subjected to a user load.

Typically IT systems (especially public facing e-commerce applications) perform well until they reach a certain point of system activity. But when stressed by a sudden or gradual increase in requests, calculation or search tasks the performance of the system can degrade in unexpected ways.

This can manifest as a slowing of the system to an unacceptable level, losing the information needed for a specific task or even a total failure resulting in a system crash and loss of revenue and reputational damage. 

Performance testing models the specific user scenarios and increases the volume of activity on the system in a gradual and planned manner to find and measure the trouble spots and bottlenecks.

Action can then be taken to resolve the issue and retest.

Let CelticQA help you ensure your application can perform correctly. Contact us today for more details.