Robotic Process Automation

use the digital workforce to improve business efficiency & processes 

RPA is using a software tool to automate the manual, repetitive, labor-intensive business processes on which an organisation depends, i.e. the tasks people need to do day in day out.

RPA software can be found in all industries, the biggest adopters are banks, insurance companies, telecoms and utility companies. RPA is a relatively low-cost solution to the problem of many older legacy IT systems, ERP, CRM, databases, accounting, financial reporting, etc, that were not engineered to integrate with other IT systems. Businesses depend on these systems for their day to day operations, i.e. they don’t have, or can’t use an API.

The Key Benefits of implementing RPA are:

  • Cost benefits
  • Significant process improvements
  • Staff can focus on higher-value tasks 
  • Improved productivity 
  • Improved quality 
  • Improved customer service