Our CEO’s response to Covid-19

No one was prepared for the full effects of a global pandemic.  Originally, we were planning for a couple of weeks disruption to our lives.  We responded to our new reality and adopted new routines to adjust to life with COVID-19.   Our attention now turns to defining our ‘New Normal’.

Our whole world has shifted within weeks, we were all pushed inside, this shift was not just a physical shift but an emotional and mental shift.  Our society has changed and will be changed forever because of COVID-19. Supports to help comfort and heal our communities will need to be put in place.

I am impressed by the response of the technology community to the virus.  We have experienced an increase in collaboration between tech & business to develop innovative solutions to strengthen the speed and force of our response to this virus.  This has validated a deep-seated belief that companies who are people-led and technology-enabled can achieve great things.

We have identified the areas of our businesses that are working well under pressure and those that require some improvement.  The key to navigating the next couple of weeks is to identify sustainable work patterns and to work on prioritizing the areas of high business value.

Adjustments to budgets will be made in response to the uncertainty that COVID-19 brings to the business landscape. It is important that the temptation to put transformation programs on hold is resisted.  Investing in high-value areas such as automation and agile processes will ensure businesses thrive and survive in both the short term and long term.

These programs are key to improving how we respond to the constant of change.  Developing the ability to adapt and adopt to new technologies is key to emerging more competitive.

We have already collaborated with companies that are using the benefits from automation to tackle the COVID-19 crisis.  These companies have used automation to optimize the efficiencies of laboratory machinery.  Increasing the number of test executions done in a day is helping our client accelerate the search for vaccines and medicines to help fight COVID-19.

Our partners that have implemented test automation and business process automation successfully into their businesses have improved their ability to maintain business continuity during this time of disturbance.  We have also witnessed how other governments have used RPA to improve areas of tracing, tracking and speeding up test results to patients.

Automation and agile programs are hard-won programs. COVID-19 has taught us that experience is the best teacher.  My team and I have over 15+ years’ experience of teaching companies how to successfully implement these programs into their businesses.  We provide a variable cost model that allows you to tap into our knowledge, access our tried and trusted processes and use our highly evolved QA engineers to ensure that you and your teams optimize the return from your technology investments.

I am very proud of how our team are responding to support each other and our clients as we navigate through this crisis.  Our remote operating model was already tried and trusted prior to COVID-19 which enables us to seamlessly deliver to our clients and support their changing requirements.

COVID-19 is teaching me many lessons but ultimately has left me examining how I spend my energy at work and with family. I am recognizing that this is a time to strengthen the tools required to stabilize, comfort and rebuild our communities and businesses. I am committed to playing my part in evolving our ability to adapt because our ability to survive and thrive depends on it.

Mind yourselves and each other.   Together we will get through this, one day at a time.

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