The Ammo you need to get your CFO to say YES! 

In our previous article, we explored how CelticQA has strategically positioned itself with a Blue Ocean approach, revolutionizing the landscape of quality assurance and delivering exponential value to the companies where we are engaged!

CelticQA’s Quality Management Office (QMO) is Unlocking Exponential Value for Leading Organizations!

Central to our approach is our Quality Management Office (QMO), a paradigm-shifting concept that promises transformative impact and measurable efficiency gains.

As with any groundbreaking initiative, revolutionary change demands investment. Crafting a compelling business case to secure funding for innovative projects like the adoption of CelticQA’s QMO can be an uphill battle. Traditional mindsets often obstruct our ability to recognize the substantial latent value in these game-changing ideas.

What steps can we take to create a business case for change that will have your CFO clamoring to get rolling?  Let’s outline key elements that can help create a crisp, clear and compelling exponential value proposition that will give you the Ammo you need to get your CFO to say YES!

1. The Problem:

  • Rising Technical Debt and Deficient QA Governance: Our current decentralized approach lacks standards, automation, and economies of scale, resulting in delayed releases, increased costs, and degraded end-user experiences.

2. The Cost of the Status Quo:

  • Millions in Avoidable Expenses: Quality issues lead to avoidable expenses such as rework, replacement, and reputational damage annually. Customer complaints about defects and security vulnerabilities from poorly tested releases are on the rise. The price of the status quo is far too high.  Without mitigating these risks, we will fall behind our competition. 

3. The Solution:

  • CelticQA’s QMO: When transforming QA, Independent Verification and Validation (IV&V) makes all the difference. At Celtic, we utilize our best practices, proven at the world’s top companies, to centralize the QA function with a focus on automation, and standards for enterprise scalability.  We move QA left, this results in exponential improvements in quality, speed, cost, and risk reduction across the entire delivery lifecycle.

4. The Investment Required:

  • Gaining Approval for Funding CelticQA’s QMO: First, we will help you determine the estimated investment required for the implementation of CelticQA’s QMO.

5. The Return Expected:

  • Delivering ROI and Desired Business Outcomes: Here, we will work with you to define tangible returns and your payback period, emphasizing the exponential value (e.g., cost reduction combined with faster time to value) to drive positive ROI and business results. We utilize a crawl, walk, run approach that resonates with buyers because our ROI is significant.

6. Getting Started: Think Big and Start Small:

  • Numbers Speak for Themselves: There is an undeniable value proposition – partnering with CelticQA for quality innovation creates value that far outweighs the investment. Celtic’s QMO is a strategic shift toward quality-driven success for the benefit of customers, employees, and stakeholders.

Call to Action:

Aligning with CelticQA for quality innovation has the potential to transform QA into a core competitive advantage. It is an investment that not only makes financial sense but is crucial for organizational success. Now is the time for change – let Celtic guide your journey!

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