Slow down to go fast

This is what my music teacher kept telling me, usually while I’m embarrassing myself trying to show off with some fill or walking bassline I’ve just come up with!

Technique with an instrument isn’t just one thing. If I want to play fast and well then, I need to slow down and practice the basics – Scales, Chord Tones, Muting, Etc. Even the way I hold the Instrument has an effect. There are many skills that allow you to play well, but if you haven’t put the effort in one area then it affects the others. The same can be said in sports and other skill-based competencies.

QA is no different. There is an understandable desire to move to the end of the process and have an all singing, all dancing automated CI/CD pipeline. That’s a perfectly fine goal but you can’t take shortcuts. Shortcuts are an illusion, something we tell ourselves to avoid doing the basics right. To play fast and well you need to put the basics in place.

Many of our clients encounter this issue with their QA process but are unsure how to set themselves up to do and deliver more. Information overload about different processes and frameworks makes it hard to know what action to take.  

Recently, our automation kick starter program has proven very popular. What we have learned from delivering that service, is that our clients, in many cases, are not ready to do automation. Why? Because they haven’t invested in the basics that will support the automation process. So, to address this we have created a program that will put those pieces in place.

Below is a brief overview of the QA Fundamentals service.

We take what have learned over many years of setting up QA teams and deliver it to you and your team.

  • QA Approach/Strategy
  • Communication Plan
  • Test Management Tools and processes.
  • Test Plan templates
  • Test Case best practice
  • Test Execution
  • Defect Management
  • Status Reporting

If this is this of interest to you, feel free to send me a note and let’s discuss.

Tony Sherry

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