3 Barriers to Continuous Delivery


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Benefits of Automation testing for healthcare applications

Cerner & Epic are two of the top EHR systems in the healthcare system. Automation testing is helping healthcare systems improve patient experience, enhance decision making, keep data secure and private as well as increasing data accessibility. CelticQA Solutions specialize is Automation testing services.

Centralized approach to Software QA

Over the years I have worked with organisations that traditionally have a silo’d approach to delivering changes to their business-critical IT systems. As these organisations embark on an IT transformation journey, they Invest heavily in the technology uplifts and migrations but struggle to standardise how these changes are managed and tested.

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CelticQA solutions is a global provider of  Integrated QA testing solutions for software systems. We partner with CIO’s and their teams to help them increase the quality, speed and velocity of software releases.  

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