CelticQA and CRH teams partnered successfully to automate manual processes.  CelticQA developed and implemented RPA using UIPath.  This will increase the execution efficiencies by 87% and will allow these processes to be validated on demand.


  • Implement an automation strategy using the UIPath Studio tool.
  • Create a re-useable RPA framework to enable the expansion of future UIPath automation.
  • Deliver automated scripts, on time, within budget and with no critical defects
  • Increase the capacity of the CRH team and free up resources to focus on other business tasks


  • The 84 automated business processes now take 80% less time to execute than executing the same business processes manually.

CelticQA Solution

  • In total CelticQA automated 84 processes including Customer Portal, OMG Statistical Tool, Citrix Viewpoint, SAP Crystal Reports, General Ledger, and Accounts Payable.
  • CelticQA collaborated with CRH’s business team to identify business processes to automate.
  • CelticQA developed a detailed UiPath framework to support the project.
  • CelticQA developed automated bots for smoke testing to verify each development build.
  • CelticQA developed automated scripts for business processes identified by CRH’s business team.
  • CelticQA mentored CRH’s team on automation scripting and automation best practices.
  • CelticQA provided regular updates and communications to key business stakeholders
  • I was inspired to bring CelticQA Solutions into CRH as a partner in early 2020.  We met them at various industry events and received recommendations from other peers that have engaged CelticQA. The CQA team provided immediate value by working closely with our business and technical teams to identify business processes to automate. They quickly provided a proof of concept for several automation tools and helped us select the right tool for our environment.  Within the first 90 days, CelticQA developed a detailed framework using UiPath, automated bots for smoke tests and they built a repository of repeatable automated scripts. My team became more productive and competent because of our engagement with CelticQA Solutions. To date, CelticQA solutions has automated over 84 complex business processes.  These processes can now be executed 80% quicker than if ran manually. We look forward to accelerating automation across our business with CelticQA as our automation partner.  I would have no hesitation in recommending CelticQA Solutions to fellow IT leaders.

    Dolores Mears
    Acting CIO, VP Technology