performance testing

can your system handle it?

A well-structured series of performance tests will identify areas of concern when your IT infrastructure, load balancers, web servers, application server, and database are subjected to a user load.

Typically IT systems (especially public facing e-commerce applications) perform well until they reach a certain point of system activity. But when stressed by a sudden or gradual increase in requests, calculation or search tasks the performance of the system can degrade in unexpected ways.

This can manifest as a slowing of the system to an unacceptable level, losing the information needed for a specific task or even a total failure resulting in a system crash and loss of revenue and reputational damage.


Performance testing models the specific user scenarios and increases the volume of activity on the system in a gradual and planned manner to find and measure the trouble spots and bottlenecks.

Action can then be taken to resolve the issue and retest.

Our performance testing service includes:

  • Stress testing
  • Load testing
  • Spike testing
  • Soak testing

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