migration testing

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Business data is one of the most important assets that organizations own and manage.

Changes to IT systems as a result of upgrades or Mergers and Acquisitions result in a need to manage the movement of data on mass from one database to another.

CelticQA has a proven migration testing process that has been repeated with great success for many clients in several business verticals.

Migration testing is performed in conjunction with the Extract, Transform and Load process employed by DBAs to manage the movement of the data from one location to another.

CelticQA Solutions Toolbox

CelticQA can help you at every stage of the ETL process, testing is carried out:

  • Extract: Ensure that the data is extracted in its entirety from the correct source tables.
  • Transform: The transformation and mapping process is correctly assigning the data to the correct fields and tables, making the changes to the data to ensure it is mapped to match the table structure of the destination application.
  • Load: Once the data is loaded to the new applications tables, a series of functional tests are required to ensure that migrated data is usable by the applications and other integrated systems.

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